New Home Interior
San Francisco: Color, Furnishings & Design Consultation

Julie A. | 2015 

After moving into our new place in the Mission, I wanted help to make our space look more like “us.” She helped big time with:
– Picking paint colors for all rooms
– Custom window treatments with particular patterns
– new furniture for our living and dining room
– a custom built table and bench that fits perfectly in our space
– new fun light fixtures
– decision making when we were on the fence

She made it really easy with her look books and in-person meetings and also helped find the right people to do installation. I highly recommend her if you’re looking for similar work!

Bolinas-lightingBeach House Update
Bolinas: Color & Design Consultation

A. R. | 2015 

Melissa helped me de-70s my beach house in Bolinas. I asked her to help bring it to a more modern style while at the same time preserving its funkiness, but to ensure it wasn’t a significant redo given that we intend to renovate more significantly in the next 5 years.

Melissa helped me select more modern colours to soften the interior and complement the view. She very quickly identified a modern palette of greens, greys, blue and brick red. Each colour turned out perfect, and I really like that she tries for interesting colour combinations.

She also helped me select pillows and prints to bring the beach feel into the house. She found great pieces at the Alameda Flea Market including handmade pillows and French nautical illustrations. It’s relaxed without seeming kitchy.

I also engaged Melissa in recommending different light fixtures for the living room, kitchen and bedroom. I love every single one, and they all create the right atmosphere. She was able to find and recommend different pieces of furniture, including a Danish modern coffee table that she found on Craigslist.

In addition to her great sense of colour and style, I appreciated her eclectic sources of design elements. My house does not look like it was pulled together from a catalogue, rather it looks curated with a variety of different design features. Melissa is responsive and always even natured and calm about every decision. She understood well my need to make the place interesting but not spend significantly.

I am now hooked on her advice…

thumbAEEOffice to Bedroom Conversion
Alameda: Color & Design Consultation

Keith L. | 2012 | See the project

Melissa helped us convert our home office/family room in Alameda into our 2 young girls’ shared bedroom. It’s been a few months since her work was done, and we’ve really enjoyed the transformation.

Melissa was really fast with concept, color and light shopping for us after we supplied the initial “inspiration”–Alice in Wonderland (based on a vintage Disney poster). We then found a bedding set that we couldn’t resist and asked her to incorporate even though it wasn’t very Alice-ey. Instead of blending 2 competing themes, she convinced us to drop Alice altogether and switch over to the bedding’s inspiration and glad she did: cute Asian dolls (like our 2 little hapa girls) and multicolor Chinese lanterns.

Presented with our mid-stream curveball, Melissa quickly came up with a paint scheme we love and pulled together curtains and accessories to tie it all together. She also incorporated existing furniture and provided ideas for room layout, so we didn’t need to spend big bucks on new pieces. Most of our modest budget went into painting*, curtains, IKEA accents and a beautiful light fixture.

Before the redo, the room was painted a deep orange-red. Now, the room is a space where the kids and friends love to hang out (we do, too!). Really bright and playful in the daytime, and there’s a warm, soothing glow in the evening. Sophisticated, too, so that the decor will outlast their Dora phases (and Hannah Montana if we’re lucky).

In the end, we recommend Melissa for her experience dressing all kinds of spaces (e.g. art exhibits and photo shoots), flexibility and ability to work within our timeline and budget. She also prides herself on efficient use of every surface and specializes in maximizing small spaces without being busy.

We or Melissa will try to post pics soon, as we need to do some finishing touches ourselves.

* Don’t want to forget… Melissa found us a very efficient, very friendly house painter who was much cheaper than any other quote we got. I’ll post his Yelp after I find his business card!

delgadoThumbNew Spin to Classic Color
Alameda: Color Consultation
Claudia D. | 2010 | See the project

When it came to repainting the exterior of our house, Melissa Guerrero helped us in picking out the perfect color-scheme.

We presented a bit of a challenge, since we wanted to strike the right balance between a somewhat modern and colorful approach, while still being true to the style of our 1922 Dutch Colonial. We live in a house abundant with original Arts and Crafts style details, but also have a great love for Vintage Modern.

Also, my husband and I both had different color-schemes in mind…so after presenting Melissa with the challenge of: “We like that our house looks like a Barn”, “Even though it seems like a classic choice for a Dutch Colonial, the current, blah off-white base-paint has to go”, “we’d like it to be modern, yet it needs to mesh with the architectural style and details”, “he thinks “green”, she thinks “blue”, “I have this idea of a very dark blue trim color stuck in my head”, Melissa quickly came back to us with a variety of great suggestions.

The final paint scheme we picked is something we would have never thought of ourselves – it’s a very rich, dark, earthy pumpkin color for the stucco walls, with a lighter hue to highlight the architectural details, the windows and door are painted in a beautiful midnight blue, with a vanilla colored trim, and a darker grey for the wood shingles around the bottom.

When we saw this color-combination, we both liked it immediately (we NEVER immediately agree on Design-related decisions), and it looks great on the house. We frequently have strangers stop by our house just to tell us how much they love the new colors – one of them has lived in the neighborhood for a long time, and stated the house had not looked this nice in 20 years. And we love it so much that coming home to it puts a big, happy smile on our faces every time we drive up the street.

Our home is surrounded by lush greenery on all sides, and the new colors highlight our front- and side-yard in the best possible way. Since we are located on a corner-lot, Melissa also took the colors of the surrounding houses into consideration, and now our little “barn” really stands out.

We loved working with Melissa, and I can not recommend her highly enough: she is a great listener, and was able to translate our rather vague and fuzzy ideas into a great solution. She is fast, fun to work with, a pleasure to be around, and has a great imagination and vast Design background to draw from.

Color Flip
Alameda: Color Consultation
Megumi A. | 2011 

Melissa helped us choose the color scheme for our craftsman bungalow. She came up with scheme we would have never come up with on our own, cleverly linking two separate rooms with different but related colors.  She is very easy to work with and is a good listener. We love the final result. Highly recommended.

Sculpture Garden Renovation
Oakland: Museum Renovation Project
Cynthia Taylor | 2010 | See the project

Last year, I was proud to work alongside Melissa in the complex phase I renovation project at the Oakland Museum of California. This seasoned professional is a sharp and detail oriented project manager with creative skills. Her strengths in the management of people, objects – be it art or otherwise, and budgeting have made her the person any team can count on to complete the task. I certainly have!

Working together under great pressure at OMCA, was not the first time we accomplished large projects together. I also worked with Melissa for years at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco. Simply said, she is an asset and gets the job done with much authority, incredible resourcing and all the while, simply a delight to go through the challenges of creating and completing amazingly detailed projects.

I highly recommend Melissa Guerrero for your project or installation of any size!