Oakland Museum Sculpture Garden Renovation

The Oakland Museum of California Art began a major renovation in 2009, starting with Phase I in their History and Art galleries. Phase II renovations are currently underway in the Science and Education departments. The building also underwent some major exterior improvements at the entries and stairwells. The massive gardens contain many sculptures and were way overdue for a facelift at the beginning of Phase I renovations.

I was hired to project manage the exterior sculpture garden renovation of Phase I.  I coordinated with the Visual Arts Curatorial department as well as the Executive Director, Lori Fogarty, on the renovation. Many sculptures were returned to artists, many returned to storage and a few returned to the museum from storage. Several of the pieces were re-painted and in some cases brought back to their original, intended color.  The museum also secured one new acquisition. The labels were re-designed and fabricated out of stainless steel and permanently installed. The new entrance was redefined by Walter Hood’s “garden project.”  I relocated Ruth Asawa’s beautiful wire sculpture on the main entrance wall and re-designed the garden bed with river rocks to match the 2 floor History “Walter Hood” designated bays.

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